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Lewis Mathew
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Hometown: Brixton, London
Location: Still in South London

UD: List three words to describe your style vibe.
NP: Street. Chilled. Black (I only ever wear black).

UD: Name a few places you've recently found life inspiration.
NP: Jamaica. Everyone is so relaxed, chilled and so nice-- regardless of their skin colour, ethnic background or appearance. They are so loving and caring over in the Caribbean. When I visited it kind of put things in perspective for me. Life is for living and you cannot control it. Also New York; The hustle and bustle of the city just reminded me how important it is to hustle and work hard.

UD: Name a few places you've recently found clothing inspiration.
NP: LONDON! I get so much style inspiration from my hometown. I just don’t feel like any other city on earth has the same street style and flavour like us Londoners. 

UD: Do you put conceptual or visual thought into your outfits?
NP: I think I am equally both parts. I will think up a look that I think may work. I will buy things that I believe I will need to make this outfit complete if I do not already have it. Then once I have all the components together I try it on. 9 times out of 10 I have to make changes to the look as the clothes may sit differently on me compared to how I envisioned it.

UD: Go-to brands?
NP: Amazon! I know it sounds so random and off-key but I get so much of my cool shit from Amazon. I like oversized 90s silhouettes and they have them in abundance. Plus no one ever has the same stuff as me because I get a lot of stuff from amazon, which is always a bonus.

UD: Any thoughts on thrift shopping? Do you ever tailor or make your own your clothes?
NP: I love vintage clothes shopping. You find so many unique gems pieces that no one has! It is amazing. But you have to be super patient in finding these amazing pieces. 

UD: How do you feel about the current mens style landscape?
NP: I feel like it has really evolved and changed over the last few years, especially with the addition of the mens specific fashion week. Now that the mens industry has opened its doors to plus size fashion I think the landscape is about to change even more so. 

UD: What are some exciting aspects of fashion to you right now?
NP: The way that fashion is becoming more genderless. You have major retailers taking away the gender specific signs in their stores. I think this just opens people up to wear what they want and express themselves as they see fit.

UD: What gets you excited about your personal style?
NP: Thats a hard one! I think the fact I am able to piece these LOOKS together as a plus-size and showing people it is possible. I also love black! The colour black gets me really excited! lol

UD: You're such a positive figure in this plus size movement--- what has that experience felt like? 
NP: Life changing! A whirlwind. I never in a million years thought  could / would ever model. I think modeling as a career is hard but I am happy that people feel represented and that they have a voice through me! I believe everyone deserves to be represented and see themselves in these big corporations that they support

UD: What differences have you noticed between the US + UK, in regards to plus size clothing and visibility of bigger guys / girls? 
NP: I think the industry in the US is further ahead! But i think the UK is slowly coming up. It is still really new in the UK.


UD: Do you feel that clothes can actually show others who you are? How is style a vehicle for you?
NP: I partially agree that clothes can show who you are! I am a big believer in not basing judgements on the way that people choose to present themselves. But i do feel like it is a good way to express yourself. I think I use style as a vehicle to express my current mood and how I am feeling. It has been harder for me recently as I am always on shoots so I’m usually in a tracksuit as I know I am going to have to change my clothes 1000 in the day!

UD: Has your approach to clothing / fashion changed much since you were young?
NP: Nope! I still wear exactly what I like. I think the only thing that has changed is that I am not as colourful! I used to dress super fresh prince 90’s vibe, loads of colour. Now i only wear black with the occasional neutral tone!

UD: For those who might be unfamiliar, how does it feel to model? 
NP: Weird, Surreal. I never thought this would be my full time career. I guess like any job it has its good and bad sides. But I am so happy with my career and what I get to call my job. 

UD: Do you know anyone who struggles to find their confidence? Or do you have any advice for those who struggle to love who they are?  
NP: I think loving yourself comes with time. I think I am still on the journey to 100% loving myself regardless of my outward appearance. I try to remember that there is only one me and no one can do what I do. I think loving yourself is a journey and a process and no one can tell you how to do it. It is a very personal journey. 

UD: What suggestions do you have for men's clothing designers / manufacturers out there?
NP: Pay everyone fairly! lol


UD: Does the current (mostly American lol) political climate affect how you present yourself to others?
NP: No! I am a black British / Carribean guy! I am happy of my heritage and skin colour and never play down my “blackness” to make other feel comfortable. 
I think as a reaction to everything going on in the UK and US I do try to be more understanding and open to hearing all points of view. I think it is very important in this current climate that people are open to listen to other peoples feelings and get an understanding of others points of views without being offended. Lets try and understand each other.


UD: With racism, prejudice and discrimination so apparent in the last year, how do you do your part to support victims of discrimination in any form?
NP: I have a project coming up that I cannot wait to announce that is all around giving a voice to marginalized communities... I am myself am from a minority group in many ways. I think with my career I have this in my mind and hope that I am opening doors for people from the same marginalized groups as me to have the same success as me. 

UD: Black girl magic is real--- what about black boy magic?
NP: YES! Although it is sad that these amazing hashtags are born out of the wider world telling black people they are not great. 

UD: Final thoughts?
NP: Love yourself! There is only one you!

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